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About Intima Tulum Clothing Optional Resort

  1. Must I always be nude at Intima Resort Tulum?

    Our resort is clothing optional, which means you never have to be nude. Around the pool area, you will find almost everyone goes nude, while many of our owners and guests dress for dinner and in the evenings. At Intima Resort Tulum in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, you can wear as little or as much as you like…whenever you like and wherever you like.

  2. Will I feel self-conscious?

    Most first-timers adjust to social nudity rather quickly, but remember, Intima Resort Tulum is “clothing optional” and we encourage our guests to be comfortable, nude or not.

  3. Are children welcome?

    We are an adults only clothing optional resort in Mexico, where travelers may shed their clothes, relax and be free in our tranquil surroundings.  If traveling with children, families might be better entertained at a property more suited to their needs. Age 18 and over

  4. Do you have a restaurant and/or bar?

    Yes, Passions Casual Cuisine and Cocktail is our private club, open during the day and evening to provide food and beverage service to our Intima Resort Tulum guests. You are welcome to dine in our restaurant palapa, poolside or request room service. Our bar is conveniently surrounded by the palapa, pool and communal hot tub so you can walk up, swim up or continue relaxing in the hot tub while enjoying your favorite cocktail.

  5. What about socializing?

    Aside from the absence of clothing, nudist social gatherings are like clothed social gatherings and the rules of social etiquette still apply.

  6. What should I know about Nudist Etiquette?

    • Towels are standard equipment. Always carry a towel with you so that you may sit on it.
    • While nudists are generally very friendly and open people, there is an expectation of privacy. Be happy to know your new nudist friends by first names and simply accept what they are willing to share.
    • Never photograph someone without their explicit permission. While nudists are comfortable in a nude environment, they may not want their picture taken.
    • Nude or not, staring is always considered rude. While it’s natural to view your surroundings, please be considerate of others.
    • Public overt sexual behavior is not permitted.
    • If a male becomes erect, it is appropriate (and expected) to cover up.
  7. Is the water safe to drink at Intima Resort Tulum?

    We supply bottled drinking water in all of our accommodations and in Passions Restaurant and Bar. While the faucet water is filtered for brushing your teeth and washing dishes, we suggest you refrain from drinking the water directly from taps. For your convenience, the refrigerators are connected to a bottled water system, so the ice and water you get from the door of your refrigerator is perfectly safe. In the studios, which have only mini-fridges, you will be supplied with bottles of drinking water.

  8. Is there Wi-Fi, internet and TV in the rooms?

    There is Wi-Fi in common areas and rooms

  9. Is there an in-room safe to lock up valuables?

    Yes, each room has a safe large enough for a normal size laptop.

  10. Is there air conditioning in each room?

    Yes, each room is equipped with air conditioning. In addition, our rooms have large doors and screens so many guests find the cool breezes offered by our proximity to the ocean to be more pleasurable.

  11. Are beach towels provided?

    Yes, fresh beach towels are provided each day.

  12. Can we walk into Tulum town and is it safe to do? Are there Taxi’s?

    Just a quick 7-10 minute walk to the main street of Tulum will lead you to shopping and restaurants. While safe, as with any place, please be aware of your surroundings. We are located in the jungle and the road to town, while a short distance, has limited lighting. We would be happy to call for a taxi into town, which costs approximately $3 USD.

  13. Is there shopping and restaurants in Tulum?

    You will find a selection of restaurants, shops and grocery stores. Like any town, you will find banks, pharmacies, car rental, a medical clinic, convenience stores, coffee shops and the all-important ice cream and chocolate shop.

  14. How far is it to the beach?

    Currently, it takes less than ten minutes to get to the beach.

  15. Is there English speaking staff available to help with questions, concerns, booking a taxi or an adventure tour?

    Yes. Many of our staff members are bi-lingual; Spanish and English.

  16. Does Intima Resort Tulum have security on staff?

    Yes, we do have security on staff during overnight hours. If you have any issues, please contact the front desk manager during the day and our security personnel at night.

  17. What are our transportation options and costs for getting from the Cancun International Airport to Intima Resort and back?

    The easiest way is to let us set up a transfer for you and your driver will be waiting  as you exit the terminal. Otherwise, you have many easy options to get to Intima Resort Tulum in the Riviera Maya.  There are taxis as well as van and SUV shuttles that can be booked online prior to your arrival in Cancun. Costs varies from approximately $70 to $110 plus tax per one way trip depending on which option you choose.

    There is also a first class bus system that is very extensive, inexpensive and easy to use. You can book bus tickets online or get them just outside of the airport for about $20/person one way.  The bus goes from the airport to Tulum with a stop in Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya). From Tulum, bus depot taxis are always available to take you the last 5 min of your trip to arrive at Intima clothing optional resort. Getting back to the airport is just as easy.

    Car rental is another way to get to Intima Resort Tulum. The freedom and convenience of having your own transportation when you need it is a big plus, but not necessary. Prices of rentals vary, but an average rental with insurance will cost about $50/day.

    Please make sure to print out the directions from our contact page, even if you have us set up your transfer. While many drivers have been here before, others are still unfamiliar with our location

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