Intima Resort Tulum Hotel


USA +1.315.908.4816
MEXICO +52.984.871.29.25 / +52.984.871.25.43



Office Hours

7am a 11pm Monday to Sunday Time Zone GMT-5
* There’s someone at the lobby 24 / 7 for check ins.

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2016 Trip Advisor

Excellence Certificate


When leaving the airport, take the Playa del Carmen Tulum exit to the right which will take you south on highway 307.

Stay on highway 307 and make sure to take the fly-over bridges along the way to save time. After about 90 minutes you will arrive in Tulum.

Continue on 307 through town and turn left on Av. Kukulkan. Street signs are few and far between so to identify the Av. Kukulkan turn, watch for the El Camello Jr. restaurant on the left side of 307 just before leaving town to the southwest. There is an Oxxo convenience store on the right side as well. If you see the median on 307 end, you just passed the turn so do a u-turn and then make a right turn between the El Camello Jr. and Yza pharmacy.

Continue on Av. Kukulcan for about 500 yards until you reach our entrance road which is lined with fluorescent orange rocks. Turn there and you will find Intima Resort Tulum just ahead on your left.

Intima is a three White buildings complex you won’t see any signs outside. We value discretion highly.